Enhance Your Workflow: Automate Video Production

Effortlessly automate your video production. One-click live streaming to all major social media platforms simultaneously. AVRA is the go-to option of all major broadcasters.

AVRA semlessly integrates with Wheatnet/Livewire/AES67 AoIP studios. Analog interfaces available for retrofits.

Why choose AVRA?

Stream live and record in HD or 4K To all major social media platforms and CDNs. Up to 25 SRT/RTMP destinations with SCTE-35 for Dynamic Ad Insertion.
Invite guests and co-hosts Just send them a link to join.
Automate video production Using AI based technology
Web UI for ease of operation Monitor and control any of your studios from a unified web panel.

How does AVRA work?




Install any of our video production solutions in your current studio.
HDVMixer Dashboard


Train AVRA

Tell the AI how you need the automated video production to look.
Social media streaming


Go Live!

Produce video content with minimal effort. Go live with one-click on multiple social media platforms at once. Record content for reels easily.

AVRA solutions

Our solutions are shipped as plug & play systems, with provisioning, setup and training included.

Discover why we are the best choice for unattended video production.


The perfect starter package for a radio station.

AVRA-A software license.

Robocams offer studio flexibility and smooth camera transitions with configurable zoom, pan and tilt.

Camera switching based on mic tally.


Ideal for mid-size studios.

AVRA-A software license.

4 PTZ robotic cameras.

Camera switching based on mic tally and mic audio levels.


Our top of the line offering for extensive coverage in challenging studio workflows.

AVRA-A+ software license.

5 PTZ cameras, optional up to 12 cameras and 15 video sources.

Camera switching based on mic tally and mic audio levels.

Up to 2 concurrent users local or remote.

AVRA-A Automated video production automation server license. Includes:

6 Video sources (SDI/NDI/USB/HDMI).

Video switcher with built-in CG & Graph Generator to add station logo, news crawls, weather info and lower thirds.

H.264 video encoder with RTMP/SRT output.

One-click social media live streaming to up to 25 simultaneous accounts.

AirLink remote HD broadcast links.

SmartCAM-42 interface for 4ch GPI console fader automation. AVRA will switch studio cameras automatically based on MIC tally. Automated AI video switching follows the action in the studio.

Simultaneous H.264 streaming and HD recording.

Streaming can be done at two different bitrates (one transcoder instance).

Video deck for commercial break filling and b-rolls.

AVRA-A+ Includes the following additional capabilities to AVRA-A:

9 Video sources (instead of 6).

SDI Video Input support.

On-screen PTZ camera controller with preset recording and automation.

NDI remote computer screen video grabber.

Wheatnet plugin or SmartCAM-876 6ch GPIO Interface with mic audio level metering for camera switching based on microphone audio levels.

Additional multi-bitrate and multi-server transcoder license (1080p / 720p streaming).

Priority tech support access.


Automate video production with Blackmagic switchers.

Our algorithms allow you to preset video switching rules and automate all video operations.

Dedicated solution for TV studios.

Radio stations are conquering new markets with AVRA

It's amazing how AVRA changed the way of doing radio. Now people can hear and see if desired

Alan Kay CEO

AVRA sparked interest new advertisers tired of conventional radio. It's a great opportunity to strengthen the business

Al Boliska CFO

It's radio and television simultaneously. It is a way of strengthening the brands we represent.

Mitchell Kapor Brand Manager

The interaction is wonderful. The audience participates in all activities that occur in the radio booth in real time.

Ray Gibson Choise Broadcasting Guam

In these fast times, you have to give the public new ways of entertainment.

Alan Perlis CEO

The Definitely the radio now also seen. The software is very stable and easy to handle.

Vernon Lawton Chief Engineer

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